Maria Amelia Bulhões

Art critic, independent curator and researcher. Works at the Post-Graduation Programme in Visual Arts of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, is a columnist for the Sul 21 newspaper and runs the portal . Has a post-doctorate degree in Paris I, Sorbonne, and Valencia Polytechnic. Has recently published the book Web Arte e Poéticas do Território and is a regular colaborator to brazillian and international magazines.

Nothing Without Utopia


The Bienal Internacional de Curitiba 2013 is included in the discussions of the "Biennial models" and seeks new ways. With an open and flexible structure, it presents a special section of web art curated by Maria Amelia Boulhões. These works are created through online resources, from specific programming that compose pages for the World Wide Web (www), bringing together different multimedia resources such as sound, text, graphics, still and moving images, among and others. A production, ubiquitous and in transit, which in its diversity, its volume and its different trends complicates the selection of a sample. The curator chose artists who develop participatory works, concerned with social issues and focusing on experimentation, selecting works ranging from the emergence of these practices in the second half of the 1990s, to the most current trends.

The rhizomatic connection from the web, with its permanent flows, challenges artists to explore the limits of predetermined, with works that promote dialogues and expand through the globalized space, adopting collaborative positions, welcoming everyday life and committing to new functions of art. Artists are dealing with a real possible in the virtual sea, making this navigation an jointly undertaken adventure that preservs the place of desire and utopia.